Motorists in Shrewsbury saving £9 a tank

March 26, 2015 3:30 PM
By Christine Tinker

Christine Tinker has praised the blocking of any increase in fuel duty. The announcement came as part of Wednesday's Budget, the last before the General Election.

Thanks to the work of Christine Tinker and the Liberal Democrats in Government, pump prices are currently 16p per litre lower than under the previous Labour government's fuel duty plans, and will be 17ppl lower by the end of 2015-16 - saving the typical motorist £9 each time they fill their tank, compared to the previous government's fuel duty plans.

In total, by the end of 2015-16, a typical motorist will have saved £675, a small business with a van will have saved £1,400, and a haulier £21,000, compared to the previous Labour government's fuel duty plans.

Following the announcement local Christine Tinker said:

"Motorists in Shrewsbury have been saved a small fortune on fuel prices thanks to Lib Dem work in Government.

"By supporting our motorists, saving them money at the pump, the Lib Dems are building a stronger economy in Shropshire.

"The Liberal Democrats recognise that despite the recent decline in pump prices, fuel costs continue to impact on living and business costs. By cancelling the September 2015 fuel duty increase, the Lib Dems in Government has taken even further action to support the motorist.

"This Budget shows that the Liberal Democrats are building a stronger economy and a fairer society to create opportunity for everyone."